Cost Plus Model

Our Cost Plus Model is unique and completely transparent: you pay exactly what you have opted for. We help you cut down on business stay cost, while our facilities and service standards exceed your expectation.

With our Cost Plus Model you get:

  • Customized ready facility – dedicated to your company
  • At the lowest cost – we pass on vendor price benefits to you
  • In the quickest time – we hand over a ready facility within 15 days
  • Easy on your Balance Sheet – amortization of cost

How our Cost Plus Model works:

  • The client chooses the location. We find the ideal property and lease it on the client's behalf.
  • The client indicates the desired price points, amenities, choice of interiors, facilities etc. We create a facility exactly to those specifications.
  • The client outsources all hospitality & facility management processes to us: we use our in-house talent pool to take care of everything; no outsourcing.