Testimonials from our esteemed clients

"The idea that you can create circumstances in which employees can arrive at a place where they haven't been to before, be looked after with hospitality as if its their own home, and yet have all the provisions of a professionally managed environment is very good.

I am happy to say that the experience of siesta has been good, and may there be great success to the company in the future, because at the end of the day cost and indirect cost of companies and the savings of that, actually goes directly to the bottom line."

- Mr Sunand Sharma
President, Alstom International,
India and South Asia Chairman,
Alstom India Ltd.

There are 3 reasons why I would go for Siesta Hospitality. The first reason is that, it helps in standardizing services across the country. You can create same experiences for employees wherever they travel. The second reason is that, in this concept you can customize your budget based on your requirements. The Third reason is that, this concept is very good, because it is hassle free for us.

- Mr Jayant Kumar,